First of all what the heck is the Rye Bread Festival and why can’t I find anything about this festival on the net?  Well, I made my way to this mysterious (and little did I know infamous) festival last evening over at Lee’s Campground in Saratoga, New York.  My husband was invited to play with his band The Static Port.  Without this invitation I would never have heard of this gathering, and boy what a gathering.  Rye Bread was packed with hundreds of festival goers of all sorts, like long-haired hippie folk, intermixed with biker boys and babes, families with children, and other random sorts.  Not a minute had passed that I wasn’t reminded that I had arrived at the Rye Bread Fest.  As comical as it was, passerby’s would holler out, “Rye Bread” and “Rye [insert expletive here] Bread,”  a mantra that soon became part of my experience at the Rye Bread Festival.  The evening closed with Dr. Jah and the Love Prophets.  This was my first time seeing Dr. Jah perform and I found their music to be a description of Zappa meets the Dead with a huge helping of reggae beats.

Apparently, the subculture of Rye Bread has been rocking around the Upstate New York-area for over 30 years speared by its ever so radiant organizer J.J.   Still, I find nothing about the festival anywhere, and I am wondering to myself how I will find my way back for next year. Hopefully the guy with the wailing trombone will leave it at home next time.